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Welcome to Good Morning Seoul Corp., which continues the history and tradition for 60 years.

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The deepest taste and quality that comes from the tradition that has been around for 60 years is
the differentiated know-how of Goodmorning Seoul Co., Ltd

Good Morning Seoul Corp. is devoted to the development
of new products based on know-how assembled for 60 years together
with the spirit of Only One, which regards differentiated quality as first value

Good Morning Seoul Corp. does not add artificial coloring
and preservatives, and all products that are strictly produced through quality control
with advanced facilities and automation equipments are recognized for its quality
excellence not only in Korea but in U.S.A., Canada, and overseas as well.

Good Morning Seoul Corp. aims to manufacture a happy
product for all people with the goal to "capture the freshness and devotion of nature"
by supplying products with qualitative and healthy taste

Good Morning Seoul Corp. will continue to endeavor in
fulfilling customer satisfaction through new product development and improving
quality as its management policy in return to our customer’s support of 60 years.

Good Morning Seoul Corp. deeply promises to our customers
to follow our conscience, keeps trust, and to be a company that does its best

CEO Jeongsoo Ha